[April 03, 2004]
After long delay mudsbuilder-0.5.4 is out. It fixes few important
bugs as well as adds aditional functionality.
You can download it from here 

[September 02, 2003]
For some strange reason mudsbuilder-0.5.3 files didnt get pushed
to few mirrors of sourceforge. Both mudsbuilder-0.5.3.tar.gz and bz2
got resubmitted today. Hopefully it will fix download problem

No links/file names were changed.

[August 31, 2003]

mudsbuilder-0.5.3 is released.
It fixes numerous bugs dealing with area load/save as well as code generation.	

[August 29, 2003]

Windows program for mudbuilding is now available
It is NOT part of this project, and was written by Dejarik@Merentha.
You can download its binaries here

[August 24,2003]
mudsbuilder-0.5.2 released
* Two new features: Autoscroll option and Delete Exits button/dialog
* Quite a few bugs were fixed
* Grid helper modified to be more elegant, faster and less memory consuming
* and other stuff:)

[August 22, 2003 (Evening)]
mudsbuilder-0.5.1 released
It fixes installation/configuration bug.
Sorry for screw up:)

[August 22, 2003]
mudsbuilder-0.5.0 released
[August 15, 2003]
  • mudsbuilder help can be found here

    [August 11, 2003]
    mudsbuilder-0.4.4 is released.
    Few minor bugs are fixed
    6 new template variables are introduced
    Brief How-to document is written

    [August 8, 2003 (Evening)]
    mudsbuilder-0.4.3 is out
    it fixes few not very important bugs as well as displays version now properly

    [August 8,2003]
    Screenshots of project:
    Source View/Edit
    Misc Exits
    Generation Options

    [August 7, 2003]
    mudsbuilder-0.4.2 is out
    You can download it now from here

    Since it is the first release there are probably plenty of bugs in it, so please report one when you see it. Thanks
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